cc娱乐最新登录首页 「英语共读」Make time for reading, anywhere, anytime!

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cc娱乐最新登录首页 「英语共读」Make time for reading, anywhere, anytime!



make time for reading, anywhere, anytime!


how many of you kill time by going through your wechat moments instead of reading a book? you say you love reading but just have never been able to find the time for it? you are just glued to your phone and can't put it down? ... if so, slovakian-born jakub pavlovsky has an answer for you.

pavlovsky is a supporter of reading books. when this young man saw that more and more people preferred modern technologies to an interesting book, he felt the need to do something. in no time he created an online photo project called“book's calling”.

in the project, he is seen sitting down cross-legged and lost in a book in a number of unexpected places. it can be on a subway, in a shopping center, on a busy road ... without question, his photos are an exaggeration. pavlovsky doesn't deny it. he says he believes if somebody wants to achieve something and wants to make a difference to others, it is necessary to be unconventional, brave, and determined.

his idea is simple: to post pictures of himself reading, anywhere and everywhere. in this way, he hopes to encourage more people to read and get lost in a book — even if it means getting strange looks from passers-by.

maybe you won't sit on the ground in the middle of a sidewalk to read like pavlovsky but you get the idea. maybe it's time for you to make time to get reading again!


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